Advancing Solar Energy with SEO™ Technology


  • ICS Ltd. has developed advanced optics for the solar industry and introduced a unique Solar Energy Optics (SEO™) technology platform.​
  • SEO™ film solution provides a 2–8 % increase in energy output for conventional solar modules—and even higher gains of up to 20% for novel applications in optimized configurations​
  • SEO™ technology advances solar energy to the front line of sustainable energy solutions​



​SEO™ film is applied to the “gap” areas of a photovoltaic panel. Film captures and redirects additional light into the cell and thereby significantly increases energy output​.

  1. SEO Film
  2. Photovoltaic Cell
  3. Encapsulate film
  4. Glass/Backsheet
  5. Frame

SEO solutions are suitable for all types of solar cells. This film can be applied on the inside of the top or the bottom of the glass for both mono and bifacial modules ​

Solar Energy Optics™ Technology Platform

Proven 2-8% energy gain for PV-modules in comprehensive 3rd party tests​

Up to 20% energy gain in novel applications and optimized configurations​

Low execution risk—proven processes, methods and materials

Technology is applicable for all PV- module configurations

Competitiveness— low integration and material costs ​

Global megatrends —attractive market momentum

Patent Protected IPR – SEO™ film and related production technology

Developed by a highly experienced technology team​

SEO film efficiently redirects and captures light to the solar cell, providing significantly enhanced energy output

SEO film efficiently redirects and captures light to the solar cell, providing significantly enhanced energy output

Enhanced solar panel edge reflection as illustrated above.

Transformative output gains drive a lower cost per Wp in PV-modules

More Power and Lower Energy Cost for PV-Modules

Scalable Technology with Low Execution Risk

Manufactured in roll-to-roll production

Low “ramp-up“ and market introduction risks – utilizing well-established methods and materials

Cost efficiency and scale with full flexibility for 2-1600 mm film width

Comprehensive IP* protects both SEO™ platform and related production technology

Harri Sundvik

Harri Sundvik

Executive Chairman

30 years experience of the in emerging companies, investment banking with focus on technology mergers & acquisitions and equity capital raising with JPMorgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Followin years in banking Harri has assumed a number of Board and Advisor roles. in emerging companies, especially in environmental technology, communications technology and healthcare sectors​.

Keimo kalliosaari

Keimo kalliosaari


20+ years at ABB including executive leadership roles. Experience includes industrial automation and power product businesses, energy efficiency and digitalization across industry segments.

Before joining the ICS Oy team Keimo was leading Global Low Voltage Motors and Special Transformer businesses at ABB. 

Leo Hatjasalo

Leo Hatjasalo


Expierence in interdisciplinary technologies with focus in productification, industrialization, and commercialization of innovations.

Founded in the industrial nano-structural diffractive optics-related companies Modilis and Modines (acquired by Amazon)

Kari RInko

Kari RInko


Decades of experience in optics and material science as well as the IPRs.

CTO for the MILS®-System as well as Modilis and Modines Ltd, which were acquired by Amazon Inc. ​

5 years at Amazon leading optical team and new production industrialization in Europe and Asia.

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